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I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and am a member of the Texas Aggie class of 1990.  I had two professions before becoming a teacher.  Right out of school, I worked in Pennsylvania for Johnson and Johnson-Merck, and was a Master Scheduler for products such as Mylanta and Pepcid AC.  When my first child was born, my wife and I decided to move home to Houston.  I sold industrial products for about 10 years, but always wanted to become a teacher.  Finally, in 2005, I made the leap, got my teacher's certificate, and joined the Waller team.  If they'll have me, I plan on staying here until I die.  This school is blessed with outstanding leadership, outstanding teachers, and outstanding students.

My wife, Lynnice, is also an educator who is an education technology trainer for the Harris County Department of Education.  I have three wonderful kids:  Lindy, who studies Musical Theater at the Shenandoah University Fine Arts Conservatory.  Travis, who is studying agriculture at Tarleton State. And, Zoe, who is a student at Waller Junior High and is my car riding buddy to and from school each day.

I love my job and cannot wait for August every year to see the new Freshmen arrive and to help form them into the wonderful young men and women that they will become one day.  To the parents of my students, "thank you" for blessing me with your wonderful children.  Let's have a great year!

Dan Hockaday
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